The Film Liaisons in California, Statewide (FLICS) wish to thank everyone joining us to celebrate the 24th annual California on Location Awards!  Your loyalty and support over the years has helped the COLAs to grow and to honor location professionals, production companies, and public employees whose work makes California the best location for filming. 


FLICS is the professional organization of 41 film offices and commissions that work cooperatively with the California Film Commission to attract, retain and facilitate film production.


Antelope Valley/North L.A. County Film Office – Pauline East

Berkeley Film Office – Barbara Hillman

Beverly Hills Film Office – Benita Miller

Calaveras County Film Commission – Lisa Boulton

Catalina Island Film Office – Donna Harris

El Dorado Lake Tahoe Film Office – Kathleen Dodge

FilmL.A. – Paul Audley

Fresno County Film Commission – Gigi Gibbs

Humboldt - Del Norte Film Commission – Cassandra Hesseltine

Imperial County Film Commission – Charla Teeters

Inyo County Film Commission – Chris Langley

Kern County Film Commission – Felicia Cook

Livermore Valley Film Office – Jeannie Haigh

Long Beach Office of Special Events & Filming – Tasha Day

Malibu Film Commission – Kimberly Collins-Nilsson

Marin Film Resource Office – Deborah Albre

Mendocino County Film Commission – Debra DeGraw

Modesto/Stanislaus County Film Office –Mary Lou Howell

Mono County EDC (Mammoth Mountain) – Alicia Vennos





Monterey County Film Commission – Karen Nordstrand

Orange County Film Commission – Janice Arrington

Pasadena Film Office – Michelle Garrett

Placer - Lake Tahoe Film Office – Beverly Lewis

Ridgecrest Regional Film Commission – Doug Lueck

Riverside County Film Commission – Bettina Breckenfeld and Stephanie Stethem

Sacramento Film Commission – Lucy Steffens

San Bernardino County Film Commission – Dan Taylor

San Francisco Film Commission – Susannah Greason Robbins

San Luis Obispo County Film Commission –Kylee Jepsen

San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Film Commission – Brena Bailey

Santa Barbara County Film Commission – Geoff Alexander

Santa Clarita Film Office – Evan Thomason

Santa Cruz County Film Commission – Christina Glynn

Shasta County Film Commission – Chad New

Sonoma County Film Office – Katie Parrish

South Pasadena Film Office – Joan Aguado

Tulare County Film Commission – Eric Coyne

Tuolumne County Film Commission – Lisa Mayo

Vallejo/Solano County Film Office – Jim Reikowsky

Ventura County Film Commission – Bill Bartels

West Hollywood Film Office – Eddie Robinson

Yosemite/Madera County Film Commission – Dave Wolin

FLICS: Film Liaisons in California, Statewide